Saint Paul’s School

Saint Paul’s School

The Saint Paul’s School is listed under the Rosenwald Schools in Virginia multiple property documentation form.

The Julius Rosenwald Fund helped construct the school during the philanthropic program’s early, formative years. Completed in 1920, the building is a one-room, weatherboarded school with a small covered porch.

Of the 13 schools constructed in Brunswick County with Rosenwald Fund support, Saint Paul’s School is the only one-room example. The others were larger, having two or three teachers each. Saint Paul’s School was built for $1,500; the African American community contributed $450, the public $750, and the Rosenwald Fund $300.

Saint Paul’s School appears to have been constructed on private—not public—land, as was required during the later years of the Fund.

Saint Paul’s School was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2004.


In order to preserve the rich history of this school, as well as the history of the surrounding communities, immediate repairs are needed.

Ownership issues surrounding historic African American schools, and other historic sites, have been an ongoing obstacle for many preservation efforts. Before work can begin to preserve these important historic places, owners have to give consent, but while this is being worked out, these places often continue to suffered from vandalism and neglect.


Plans for the school’s preservation and reuse in the community are needed, as well as additional community support to see the projects to fruition.

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