Plaisance High School

Plaisance High School

Plaisance High School of Opelousas, Louisiana is the only Rosenwald School in the state, in its original location, being used for its original purpose.

The Plaisance School is a one story frame building sheathed in clapboards. It was constructed in 1920 under the Rosenwald Rural School Building Program.

Out of 393 Rosenwald schools built in Louisiana between 1914 and 1932, there are only two known survivors, The Plaisance School and a school that was recently moved to Donaldsonville.

Plaisance High School was consolidated into North West High School on June 30th, 1991 and is now known as Plaisance Elementary School. Opelousas students attend the school from fifth to eighth grade.

Plaisance High School was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2004.