Frelinghuysen University

Frelinghuysen University

Frelinghuysen University is a former university in Washington, D.C., with president, Dr. Julia Anna Cooper, "devoted in perpetuo to Education of Colored Adults".

It "aim[ed] to meet some of the educational needs and demands of colored working folk who are past the age of public school advantages and unable for obvious reasons to meet the requirements of a full day-time college or university." Its classes met outside of business hours; it offered "part-time adult schooling".

Freylinghuysen was in no way a university; the name was given because it was a collection of "schools". The level of education was not fixed; the majority of the instruction was at the high school level, and a "Collegiate" track prepared students for college. However, the school also awarded B.A. degrees.

Freylinghuysen was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1995.

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