Walker African American Museum & Research Center

Walker African American Museum & Research Center

The Walker African American Museum & Research Center is designed to preserve and promote the history of people of African descent, especially local history.

The Walker African American Museum grew out of a private collection of artifacts gathered over more than 50 years.

It was officially chartered in 1994, with the purpose of preserving local history and African American heritage. Its outreach programs have helped bring the museum's historical documents and exhibits closer to the community in cooperation with district schools and libraries.

Among the 40,000 items collected here are old family photographs, prints, posters, paintings, reunion fliers, booklets, resumes, awards and trophies, obituaries, and certificates of marriage and birth.

One showcase features collectible figurines. Another has items worn by early pioneers, such as hats, Pullman uniforms, waitress outfits, dealer uniforms, and other clothing items. There is an extensive archive of newspaper clippings, magazine articles, political memorabilia, and books related to notable black figures in the community, too.

As a non-profit tax-exempt 501(c) 3 organization, the Walker African-American Museum & Research Center raises funds by selling a variety of custom-made dolls. They are available in clothing colors of the customer's choice.

The museum also sells two books: "Black Pioneers of Nevada" (Millennium Issue) and "From the Kitchen to the Boardroom: Nevada's Black Women" (Millennium Edition).

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