Josephine Community Museum

Josephine Community Museum

Built in 1882 to serve the African American community of Josephine City, this plain two-room structure is a rare example of a Reconstruction-era schoolhouse for blacks and is a testament to the early efforts of Clarke County’s blacks to improve their educational facilities.

The building was erected with contributions of labor and money from the local black citizenry and was one of only seven African American schools in Clarke County at the time. It served as an elementary school until 1930 when it was moved a short distance to make way for the new Clarke County Training School.

The building was then converted into the home economics cottage and used thusly until 1971 when it was given over to storage.

Currently the building is owned by Clarke County and held in a long-term lease by the Josephine School Community Museum Board, which has restored the building for its current use as an African American museum and cultural center.

Josephine City School was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1995.