James E. Lewis Museum of Art

James E. Lewis Museum of Art

The James E. Lewis Museum of Art (JELMA) is the cultural extension of Morgan State University's Fine Arts academic program.

Developed to enhance the scholastic experience of the University's student population and the community's exposure to works of art, JELMA provides opportunities to experience exhibitions, programs and lectures.

In keeping with the University's overall mission to offer a broad array of academic programs, the Museum is obliged to cultivate exposure to and for the urban ethnically diverse population in which it is located.

In addition to hosting a varied sampling of touring exhibitions, the JELMA will fulfill these obligations by developing art outreach programs to grade school students and by providing a forum of local, undiscovered talent.

Moreover, the Museum will expand the breadth of its presentations and its activities as a collection and lending agency, to service galleries on a worldwide scale. To facilitate the anticipated growth in its artistic and cultural offerings, the Museum will enhance and expand its gallery administration program.