George W. Carver Museum, Cultural & Genealogy Center

George Washington Carver Museum, Cultural & Genealogy Center

The George Washington Carver Museum, Cultural and Genealogy Center is dedicated to the collection, preservation, research, interpretation, and exhibition of historical and cultural material reflecting all dimensions of experiences of persons of African decent living in Austin, Travis County, Texas, and the United States.

The museum is also a key source of information on the history and celebration of Juneteenth. Permanent Exhibits include: LC Anderson High School, Austin's first African American High School Juneteenth and Juneteenth Memorial Monuments, Austin African American Families, Jumping the Broom, and the George Washington Carver Window.

The Genealogy Center is housed in the a historic building that was the first Austin Public Library, the first Austin Public Branch Library, the first African American Neighborhood Museum in the State of Texas, and the first genealogy center in the area focused on Black History.