Jean Baptiste Pointe Du Sable Homesite

Jean Baptiste Pointe Du Sable Homesite

The Jean Baptiste Point Du Sable Homesite is the location where, in the 1780s, Jean Baptiste Point du Sable located his home and trading post. This home is generally considered to be the first permanent, non Native, residence in Chicago, Illinois.

The site of Point du Sable's home is now partially occupied by and commemorated in Pioneer Court at 401 N. Michigan Avenue in the Near North Side community area of Chicago, Illinois.

Following Point du Sable's departure from Chicago in 1800, the home became the property of John Kinzie. In 1834 the land owned by Kinzie was platted and sold.

The "Kinzie addition" to Chicago, which is assumed to be coterminous with Point du Sable's estate extended from the banks of the Chicago River north to Chicago Avenue, and from State Street east to Lake Michigan.

This location was listed on the National Register of Historic Places and listed as a National Historic Landmark on May 11, 1976.