Post-Civil War Cottage

Post-Civil War Cottage

During much of the Civil War, Jacksonville was occupied by the Union Army. A large portion of the Union’s soldiers were formerly enslaved who had joined the cause to fight the confederacy in order to provide freedom for their loved ones.

After the end of the war, many stuck around and settled in the northwestern portion of Brooklyn, establishing the community as a reconstruction era African-American community.

Failing in its 2013 request to become recognized as a local historic district, much of the storied Gullah Geechee neighborhood has been erased from existence with the recent emergence of Brooklyn as a popular location for urban living.

With gentrification in full effect, this boarded up and abandoned post civil war cottage (also known as the Buffalo Soldier’s House) is the last still standing, providing a direct link with the city’s Reconstruction era past.

This is one of downtown buildings, structures and landmarks that could end up becoming the next poorly maintained surface parking lot or grass field.