Mt. Vernon Arsenal Searcy Hospital

Mt. Vernon Arsenal Searcy Hospital

Mt. Vernon Arsenal, which later became Searcy Hospital, is one of America’s 11 Most Endangered Historic Places for 2019. The site is just outside of Mobile in the town of Mt. Vernon, Alabama.

The arsenal was constructed in the 1830s and supplied military equipment to regimens in Alabama and West Florida. Mt. Vernon Hospital established 1900 by State of Alabama. Served as mental hospital for care of Black citizens. Name changed 1919 to Searcy Hospital honoring first superintendent, Dr. J. T. Searcy. Treatment for all citizens began 1969.

Nine of structures dating from 1830's are still in use, including Superintendent's House, Tower Building, and Library. Enclosing wall dates from 1830's. Since Searcy Hospital closed, the site has remained vacant.

Often referred to as the Mt. Vernon Arsenal/Searcy Complex, the area includes over 30 buildings, which are owned by the Alabama Department of Mental Health. The Mt. Vernon Historical Society, a local group in Mt. Vernon, has worked to preserve part of the site.

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