John Coltrane House

John Coltrane House

The John Coltrane House is a historic house at 1511 33rd Street in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. A National Historic Landmark, it was the home of American saxophonist and jazz pioneer John Coltrane from 1952 until 1958.

John Coltrane purchased the house for his family after leaving the U.S.Navy and lived there until he relocated to New York City in 1958. He continued to use the house as an alternate residence to his New York home until the end of his life. On his death in 1967, the house passed to his cousin, who sold it in 2004.

For over a decade, the paint-chipped Strawberry Mansion home where jazz legend John Coltrane once lived and honed his skills has echoed a silently somber tune, sitting in a state of disrepair on North 33rd Street.

And now, the house is officially at risk, according to a state preservation organization. In March 2021, the City of Philadelphia stated that the City and its agencies know the importance of the Coltrane House and are working to protect it.

The John Coltrane House is a private residence.