Ada Hannah School

Ada Hannah School

The Ada Hannah School is the only remnant of an African-American school in Marion County, Alabama. Since 1985, the building has been the subject of several arsons.

This school began as a Rosenwald school that served the African-American community for several decades. After the Brown v. Board ruling of 1954, “separate but equal” was the commitment of the state of Alabama. Schools built between 1954 and 1969, are referred to as "Equalization Schools."

The Ada Hannah School in its equalization form was completed in 1965 as one of two schools for the African-American community. The new school building served Marion County for four years until Alabama integrated its public-school system and the county abandoned the new school.

The school also was later used as a community recreational center and manufacturing facility.

Now, it is in poor condition and requires immediate action to save it, the Alabama Historical Commission says.

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