Dumas Drug Store

Dumas Drug Store

After graduating from the Illinois College of Medicine in the 1890s, Dr. A.W. Dumas moved to Natchez and established his medical practice. At the time, it was one of the few private facilities that would treat African Americans in the state.

Dr. Dumas went on to serve as a co-founder of the Mississippi Medical and Surgical Association and president of the National Medical Association. Along with his two sons, Dr. Dumas operated his medical practice for 44 years.

The building which housed his office and a drug store was an anchor of the African American business community in downtown Natchez. Today, Dumas Drug Store has been vacant for over 35 year and is slowly being lost to time. Windows and doors are missing, leaving the building open and vulnerable to vandalism. The rear wall is in danger of collapse. If immediate action is not taken to stabilize the structure, it will soon be lost.

In August 2022, funds were secured by Williams Dumas Building Foundation for revitalization project, according to the Natchez Democrat.

For more information, contact: Mississippi Heritage Trust.