Havelock School

Havelock School

The Havelock School in Warsaw is a two- room schoolhouse established for the education of African American students in Richmond County. Like some historic African American schools, the building is currently owned by the historically-connected New Zion Baptist Church. The building has withstood many years; but in order to preserve this legacy, immediate repairs are needed.

The school building has stood unused for years. In order to preserve the rich history of the school, as well as the history of the surrounding communities, immediate repairs are needed.

Ownership issues surrounding historic African American schools, and other historic sites, have been an ongoing obstacle for many preservation efforts. Before work can begin to preserve these important historic places, owners have to give consent, but while this is being worked out, these places often continue to suffered from vandalism and neglect.


Plans for the school’s preservation and reuse in the community are needed, as well as additional community support to see the projects to fruition.

For more information, contact: Arnita Bryant, (804) 761-7593; Email: arnitabryant42@gmail.com