Green Valley Pharmacy

Green Valley Pharmacy


Green Valley Pharmacy is the longest-operating African American pharmacy in Arlington, and likely the first African American-owned pharmacy in the area. Dr. Leonard Muse, opened the pharmacy in the Black community of Nauck. The pharmacy and the food counter were hubs for social life and wellness in the community.


The threats to the pharmacy relate to development pressures and options as to how the building can be reused. The family still owns the building, but their options for reuse are limited, and challenges continue to arise on the upgrades and alterations for a successful new business in the space. The family wants as much of the original historic fabric to remain as possible so the memory of the pharmacy and of Mr. Muse and all that he did in developing and helping shape the community will not be forgotten.


Working closely with the local government, the family, the community, and all local stakeholders is key to determining a creative solution to develop the pharmacy appropriately so it continues to meet the development needs of the community, but also maintain the history of the building and the family, which were so significant to the community.

Contact: Portia Clark, (703) 489-2671