Fort Hill Historic District

Fort Hill Historic District

Fort Hill Historic District is built on land that was sold for settlement in the 1820’s. The district developed from the mid-19th century into the 1940s. It consists of mostly residential buildings with a number of commercial and community institutional buildings.

These remaining historic buildings date from c.1870 to 1941. The majority of houses in the district are modest, with a few larger and more stylistic houses that reflect the area's former connection with the more affluent section of East Macon that is now south of the Emery Highway. The district was occupied historically by whites on its south side and by blacks on its north side.

The historically black M. M. Burdell School on Fort Hill Street between Hall and Mitchell was built in 1936 to serve the surrounding black community. The one-story, brick-veneered building has Colonial Revival stylistic details, and is still being used as an elementary school.

Two other historic church buildings closely associated with the surrounding black community are located on Hall Street between Fort Hill and Womack and on Cowan Street at the northwest corner of Maynard. These churches served Methodist Episcopal and Colored Methodist Episcopal (C.M.E.) congregations.

The Fort Hill Historic District was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1993.