Treme’s Petit Jazz Museum

Treme’s Petit Jazz Museum

Treme’s Petit Jazz Museum, founded by Treme local Al Jackson, will tell you the true story of jazz right here in the Treme where it all first started.

Al Jackson grew up in the Treme neighborhood of New Orleans, and has made it his life's work to study New Orleans' musical history.

After working on many other projects all over the world (six years in the U.S. Air Force, data analysis to help create the Saturn IB rocket, and time in the New Orleans city government), Al turned his attention to achieving his long-time dream: opening a museum dedicated to the history of jazz here in Treme.

As America's oldest integrated neighborhood, Treme has always been an important center of African-American and Creole culture; New Orleans’ beating heart for brass bands, Mardi Gras Indians, and of course, the jazz that is the life blood pulsing through the city.

A visit to the museum will provide an insider’s glimpse of the influences, legends, and historical events that gave rise to the music that has kept this community's, and the world’s, feet tapping since 1895.