Rosetta C. Baldwin African American Museum

Rosetta C. Baldwin African American Museum

Welcome to the Rosetta C. Baldwin Museum. Learn about the unique contribution Rosetta C. Baldwin and other African Americans have made to High Point, North Carolina.

The African-American community has made a huge impact on the city of High Point, and the Rosetta C. Baldwin Museum showcases much of this contribution.

Rosetta C. Baldwin was born in 1902 and was known for being a prominent figure in the local community who worked as an instructor in Christian education. After 75 years of service to her community she received the honor of the ‘Order of the Long Leaf Pine’ due to her commitment to nurturing and educating youngsters, and when she died in 2000 her home was turned into a museum.

The house is much as it was at the time of her death and is filled with memorabilia as well as the story of the African-American community in High Point and their role in the development of the city.

Expect period photographs, antiques, and other important historical artifacts.