Ray Charles Memorial Library

Ray Charles Memorial Library

The Executive Offices of The Ray Charles Foundation are housed at the historic RPM International building.

The 11,488 square foot, two -story building was built in 1964 by Ray Charles to serve as his creative home and the global center of Ray Charles Enterprises, Inc. Designed by Mr. Charles and his longtime manager, Joe Adams, the building includes office space and his recording studio, uniquely crafted to accommodate Mr. Charles’ specific personal and technical needs.

In 2004, RPM International was officially designated “A Cultural and Historic Landmark” by the City of Los Angeles and named “Ray Charles Square.” At the ceremony, Mr. Charles was quoted “I love this place. It’s the only home I’ve truly had for most of my professional career and I thank the City of Los Angeles for their efforts to make the studios a special part of Los Angeles history.”

On September 23, 2010, on what was to be Mr. Charles’ 80th birthday, the Ray Charles Memorial Library officially opened its door to celebrate the continuing legacy and genius of Mr. Charles. It became home to the first Memorial Library ever dedicated to the legacy and honor of an artist.

Located on the first floor of the RPM International building, The Ray Charles Memorial library underwent a complete renovation in 2017 to include state of the art interactive displays increasing the personal engagement features for visitors.

The Ray Charles Memorial Library is a self-guided tour through the life of Ray Charles. Access to the Library is by appointment only.

Excerpts from: https://theraycharlesfoundation.org/memorial-library/