Noble Hill-Wheeler Rosenwald School Memorial Center

Noble Hill-Wheeler Rosenwald School Memorial Center

The Noble Hill-Wheeler Memorial Center, a Rosenwald School listed on the National Register of Historic Places, operates as a heritage museum.

The Noble Hill School is located in Cassville, a northwest Georgia community. This wooden building was the first Rosenwald "Community School Plan" building constructed in Bartow County.

Noble Hill was built through partnerships, as African Americans, whites, the Bartow County Board of Education and the Rosenwald Fund contributed financial and human capital to provide an elementary school education to local students.

When Noble Hill opened in 1924, African Americans contributed 47% of the building costs, and 33% was provided through the Rosenwald Fund.

School enrollment steadily increased to nearly 100, as Noble Hill absorbed students who were attending school in African American churches and lodges. In 1955, the county consolidated Noble Hill and these schools to form the Bartow Elementary School, and Noble Hill closed, standing vacant for over 25 years.

The Noble Hill Rosenwald School was restored and became known as Noble Hill-Wheeler Memorial Center.

In one of the school’s old classrooms, visitors are educated about African American life in northwest Georgia during the Depression era.

The other classroom is used for community meetings. Wooden desks and memorabilia help educate visitors about the museum’s former use as a school.

Outside the museum, visitors can have lunch in the picnic area while viewing the historical markers and landscape.