National Underground Railroad Freedom Center

National Underground Railroad Freedom Center

The National Underground Railroad Freedom Center celebrates the heroes who created the secret network through which the enslaved could escape to freedom, the Underground Railroad.

From this historical vantage point of courage, cooperation and perseverance, we relate this uniquely American story to the contemporary efforts of Modern Abolition, inspiring everyone to take steps for freedom today.

Despite the triumphant prose of our American history books, slavery didn’t fully end 150 years ago.

Today and throughout time, people around the world have struggled for their freedom. Yet, as forms of slavery evolve, so do the imaginations of those fighting for freedom. Abolition continues beyond 1865 as well.

Courageous freedom fighters march alongside the enslaved, working to rescue and end exploitation.

Their innovation and cooperation yield the victories—big and small—we celebrate today, as we work to make freedom a reality.