G.W. Carver Interpretive Museum

G.W. Carver Interpretive Museum

The G.W. Carver Interpretive Museum is a community museum focused on educating individuals of all ages, races and creeds on the rich historical contributions of African-Americans.

We aim to provide a welcoming environment that allows you, our guest, to be inquisitive and enlightened.

It has been several decades since this bus station was used as a place of rest and transition for those who were traveling to and from an unsettled and restless south.

Back then, “Colored” entered through separate doors, used separate restrooms, drank from separate water fountains and relaxed separately as they waited to begin or continue their respective journeys.

Who knew then that this very place, along with others just like it throughout the south, would eventually be the center of the Civil Rights Movement and the South's ultimate transition from hate and segregation to hope and unity.