Colored Musicians Club Museum

Colored Musicians Club Museum

Having received its Act of Incorporation in 1935; designation as a historical landmark in 1979; and designation as a historical preservation site in 1999, the Colored Musicians Club has a very rich and significant history.

Located in the same building, the CMC Museum is a multimedia archive where the visitors can view and interact with artifacts that represent the long history of the club.

Parts of the CMC collection can also be made be available to scholars and researchers.

‚ÄčThe club offers live jazz in an intimate setting, and some of the best jazz you can find anywhere. It is open to non-members who want to share a love of jazz, and are seeking a relaxing time in a friendly place.

If you are a musician, young or old, you can come in for our Sunday night "Jam Sessions" or join a group. If you are learning to play, we are your first networking stop to meet up with recognized touring artists.

Making these connections present the richest of learning opportunities for a music rooted in this unique "each one, teach one" genre that we call JAZZ.

If you don't play, but you love jazz, you can just have a drink and listen in the company of other people who share your love for the music. It's all about the music.