Chattanooga African American Museum

Chattanooga African American Museum

The Chattanooga African American Museum has compiled a striking pictorial history celebrating the black community. Through word and image, this book presents a wide range of the African-American experience, from local education, industry, religion, and arts, to life during the Civil Rights era and beyond.

Explore the unique history that Africans in Chattanooga have experienced. Unlike other parts of the south, there were few plantations in this city. Most Africans were bought to be personal servants or laborers, rather than field hands.

The Africans also used the winding river in this city as a source of life and inspiration much like our Egyptian ancestors used the Nile River.

Find out about the many African businesses such as a Dairy Farm, Insurance Company and Retail outlets that thrived in the 1800's. This was a world full of energetic African American doctors, lawyers, and movers and shakers rarely explored in current day history books. Discover towns surrounding Chattanooga that were founded and run by Africans.

Visitors will experience the view of the black towns, and early black settlement, a dug out house with a recreated image of the structure. Africans in the city even owned factories producing grates, fenders, and other metal works.

The Chattanooga African American Museum is part of the Bessie Smith Cultural Center.