Carver-Price Legacy Museum

Carver-Price Legacy Museum

The Carver-Price Legacy Museum has a number of displays depicting the daily school life of Black children in the era of segregation.

The museum documents the history of Carver-Price High School, the black high school in Appomattox County, Virginia, and African Americans in the county. We seek to depict the history of Black Americans from our perspective.

Carver-Price High School, located in the heart of Virginia, stands as an a oriiginal historic Rosenwald School building and is a symbol of the significant change which occurred from public school segregation to integration. The Carver-Price story details a path from separation to unity in public education in Appomattox County, Virginia.

During the 1800's, local community schools were the only source of education for Negro students in Appomattox County. Leadership for change began in 1919 through the effforts of one woman. In 1919, Mrs. Mozelle J. Price began her work as supervisor of black schools in Appomattox. The first few years, she encouraged, stimulated, and inspired as she sought to meet the need of Negro children. With the Negro elementary schools on a sound basis, she began working with other county teacherson the Appomattox Training School, a Negro high school. Initially, classes were held in the First Baptist Church parsonage and in the church. As enrollment grew, the need for a school building emerged.

In 1928, a small frame building, a Rosenwald School, was built on 27 acres of land (the present site), housing three teachers and elementary and high school students. A new brick four room building was built and dedicated in May 1930. In 1952, George Washington Carver High School, which was later renamed Carver-Price High School was completed.

Within several miles of Appomattox Court House National Historical Park, the site of the end of America's Civil War, Carver-Price Legacy Museum, Inc. stands united in preserving this historic landmark and is dedicated to preserving and sharing this important heritage.