African American Art and Culture Complex

African American Art and Culture Complex

The African American Art and Culture Complex's mission, as a community based non-profit 501c3 arts and cultural organization, is to nurture and facilitate the empowerment of our community through Afro-centric artistic and cultural expression, mediums, education, and programming.

We pursue these objectives through arts and cultural programming by which our organization hopes to inspire children and youth to serve as agents of change while simultaneously cultivating their leadership skills and fostering a commitment to community service and activism.

Moreover, we are dedicated to encouraging, supporting and promoting the work of aspiring Bay Area artists and developing partnerships with like-minded organizations that are similarly committed to our mission-driven objectives.

Located in the historic Fillmore Jazz District, AAACC is one of the premier African American arts and cultural institutions in the San Francisco Bay Area.

As the only City-owned arts and cultural center in San Francisco dedicated to Afrocentric culture, traditions, and values, AAACC is an integral part of the African-American community's social fabric and the city of San Francisco's cultural landscape.

We are dedicated to providing a wide variety of art and cultural programming for youth and adults, including performance, visual, and digital art.