African American Heritage Sites

This mobile app will guide you through more than 1,900 African American National Historic Landmarks, Military Sites, Museums, Heritage Trails and other African American Historic Places throughout the United States and Territories.

The sites can be viewed by category:

African American Heritage Trails: These African American Heritage Trails provide history and culture through driving and walking trails. These trails include information on guided and self-guided tours.

African American Endangered Historic Places: These Endangered African American Historic Places are listed to raise awareness about the threats facing some of our nation's greatest treasures. Many of these sites face a range of threats, from deferred maintenance to inappropriate development and demolition.

African American Museums: These African American Museums range from nationally recognized museums to privately held local museums. Museum information includes current, past exhibitions and video galleries to explore on your own.

African American National Historic Landmarks (NHLs): These National African American Historic Landmarks hold national significance designated by the Secretary of the Interior. These places illustrate exceptional examples of U.S. heritage.

These four major categories are also cross-referenced in Sites by State and Territory.

You will have the option to view these sites by an Alphabetical List or by MapBox, which details the locations of all of these sites throughout the United States and Territories.

Discover our rich historic heritage!

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